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1: How many students can be trained in each class?
We recommend that classes be kept small to ensure the best impact on each individual learner. We are flexible to suit the needs of your company. Generally, we recommend:
Small classes with a maximum of 8 learners: This class size is ideal for tutor-to-learner and learner-to-learner interactions.
Large classes with a maximum of 20 learners: This class size provides you with a cost-effective training solution to your staff's English needs.

2: Our employees don't have time during the day. Can classes be held at night?
Absolutely! Training can be held during the workday or in the evening. We will recommend you the duration, frequency, schedule of each class to match your requirements, based on your training goals, budget and your employees' schedule.

3: Where will the training be conducted?
Our courses can be conducted in your office or in one of our learning centres. If you would like on-site training, all we need is a quiet, private room, like a conference room. If you would like to have the classes at our centres, we are conveniently located in Wanchai and Mongkok and are happy to provide a comfortable, interruption-free study environment for your employees.

4: Can we apply for Government funding for your training courses?
Most definitely. Prime English is listed as an approved Workplace English Training Centre by the HKSAR Government. You are eligible to apply for government funding for providing training to your employees.

Our consultants will provide you with suggestions and support on the kind of funding that you are most eligible for, and help you throughout the application process. This gives your company a cost-effective way to help your employees improve their English. Please be assured that Prime English is committed to providing the best quality training and service regardless of government funding.

5: Once the training begins, what are we required to do?
Not much, other than to encourage your staff to attend classes and participate fully! We will provide all the course materials, reports, certificates etc.

6: Is PRIME ENGLISH a registered Education Centre?
Yes. Our learning centres are registered under the Education and Manpower Bureau. Wanchai's ED Registration nos. are 554731/554740 and Mongkok's ED Registration nos. are 558222/558230.


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