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Step 1: Free Consultation Meeting and Demonstration Lesson

At Prime, we believe training programs cannot be one-size-fits-all. Your corporate English training program has specific needs and requirements; and your employees have unique and varying learning opportunities.

To help us design the best program to suit the needs of your company and your staff, we provide free consultation meetings. This first meeting helps us understand your company's culture and environment and your business needs.

Our experienced course developers will discuss with you your detailed needs and overall objectives in order to provide you with the best possible service, and the best possible custom-designed English Language Training Program.

Also, we offer you a free demonstration lesson to experience first-hand!

Step 2: Free Level Tests and Needs Assessment

Prime English recognizes the importance of having a solid understanding of our trainees' language abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we offer free level tests to all learners enrolled in a corporate training program before the course begins. These pre-development training needs analysis is an essential step to ensure courses are designed to be appropriately challenging, interesting and fun!

Step 3: Course Design & Customization / Step 4: Course Commences

Based on the initial consultation meeting and level tests, customized courses and programs will be designed to match the needs and requirements of your company and employees. When designing courses, we use both daily-life and business-related materials and practice.

Step 5: On-going Progress Tests and Evaluation

Unlike other learning centres in Hong Kong, we help learners achieve on-going progress through the whole course. Summaries and quantitative results will be specifically prepared and shared with you. If changes need to be made to the current or future Program, we will modify the course content to work for your employees!

Step 6: Final Course Assessments

At the completion of every stage of training with Prime English, each participant will receive a written report summarizing his/her progress and his/her tutors' specific, individualized suggestions for continual improvement and development.

Every learner will be assessed on Listening Skills through initial and final testing; Oral Skills will be assessed individually by the tutor and Writing Skills will be evaluated by the tutor through various writing assignments. You will receive a copy of each of these individual summary reports along with a full analysis of the class results and overall achievements.

Step 7: Certificates Awarded

To recognize the achievements of your employees, customized certificates will be given to each learner after successful completion of the course. Successful completion will be defined as: maintains 80% or higher attendance rate and achieves a passing mark in the final Prime English assessment.


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